The Gymnastics, and Cheer facilities at Woodward West are guaranteed to blow you away!

Our gigantic 24,400-sq.-ft. world-class gym features state-of-the-art training equipment to facilitate progress and personal growth. Featuring: 2 In-ground Tumble Traks, 5 In-ground Trampolines, 2 Full Floors, 5 Tumble Stations into Resi-Pits, 2 Tumble Stations into Loose Foam Pits, 124' long Rod Floor into both Resi and Foam Pits, 9 Loose-Foam Pits, 9 Resi Pits, 4 Full Bar Sets, 2 Single Bar Over Pit, 1 Bar Trench, 3 Vaulting Stations, 6 High Beams, 3 Low Beams. 

This Facility is perfect for all levels to help progress, flip, and twist their way to accomplish new heights in the sport. Every Tuesday during the summer this building is showcased as our weekly Staff demo brings all camp programs together for fun, amazement, and giveaways.


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