Here are some answers to common questions about Woodward West summer 2020 cancelation and how to reschedule:  

Is camp canceled for summer 2020?    

Yes. After much deliberation and consideration of the current reopening allowances from the state and Kern County, which do not currently allow for overnight camp to commence, we have made the decision to cancel the remaining weeks of summer camp this year. Rather than continue to wait for a decision and keep our camp families and staff waiting in regard to the status of summer camp 2020, we made this proactive decision so that all may have sufficient time to adjust plans. While we wish we could operate summer camp at Woodward West this year, lack of additional guidance from the State of California has forced us to make this very difficult decision. 


What do I do if I had an active registration for summer 2020?  

We are all navigating these challenging times together, and we hope that you will consider moving your registration to take advantage of an exclusive rescheduling incentive. Specifically, we are offering you a registration discount if you reschedule to summer 2021. All camp families affected by these cancellations have been sent an email with specific offer details including information on the amount of camp store credit or registration discount they qualify for. Please reference your email for incentive details or contact our camp office to discuss your rescheduling incentive options.  

The easiest way to complete your rescheduling process is to email and indicate your new desired camp dates. Please include your camper’s full name and the email used to create your registration. 2021 summer camp dates can be viewed on each sport’s summer camp page:


You may also reach contact us by phone 661-822-7900. We thank you for your continued patience and understanding in this extremely dynamic environment. 

*The cancelled weeks rescheduling incentive may be combined with certain other discounts or incentives you have already received. We understand the process may become complex for campers who have been rescheduled multiple times this year. We encourage you to contact our camp office for assistance or questions about rescheduling incentives.  


If I qualify, how do I receive my rescheduling incentive?  

When you email your rescheduling preference to or call our office at 661-822-7900, our staff will automatically apply your registration discount when they move your registration to a new camp week. If you are moving onto a waitlist, you will only receive your incentive when you are able to secure a spot and your registration becomes active. 


If I opt to reschedule, is my new price the same as the price I paid for my original week?   

We will honor the registration rate from your 2020 summer camp week when you reschedule to summer 2021. 


What if I don’t want to rebook and I want to cancel? (Without Woodward Camp Tuition Protection Plan,) Can I get a refund?   

We understand it may be difficult to adjust plans. If you are able to reschedule your camp dates, now is the best time to take advantage of a rescheduling incentive as an extra perk. That being said, if your 2020 camp was canceled and you would like a refund, we will honor your request with a 100% refund, with or without the camp tuition protection plan. If you purchased the camp tuition protection plan, we will also refund your purchase of the camp tuition protection plan.   


If I reschedule and my camp is cancelled because of COVID-19, will I get a refund?   

This is a fluid situation and we will adjust our operations if needed based on a number of factors, including health and regulatory recommendations. It’s hard to speculate at this point, but potential extenuating circumstances may require us to review our policies and make accommodations. We recommend booking with the Woodward Camp Tuition Protection Plan to feel most confident with your booking.  


Do you recommend I book with camp tuition protection plan for COVID-19?   

The camp tuition protection plan affords you with the ultimate flexibility – it means you can cancel and obtain a full refund should your personal plans change. If camp is cancelled because of COVID-19, you will receive a refund.   


I have additional questions, how can I get assistance?  

You can contact our camp office Monday through Friday 9am – 5pm by phone 661-822-7900 or email  Phone is recommended for the fastest response time. Our goal is to respond to all inquiries as quickly as possible. We thank you for your continued patience and understanding in this extremely dynamic environment. 

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