Need the perfect last-minute gift? We've created the Woodward TICKET TO CAMP printable certificate that can be inserted into any gift or card to let your child know "you're going to Woodward!"

How to get your printable TICKET TO WOODWARD certificate: 

STEP 1 - Complete your summer camp registration and place your $199 minimum deposit. CLICK HERE to choose your camp. 

STEP 2 - You will receive a confirmation email after completing your camp registration. In the Parent Resources section of your confirmation email, you will see a link to a printable certificate. *

*Printed certificates have no cash value and do can not be redeemed for a summer camp registration. You must complete an online registration through our camp portal. Be sure to read the details on the printed certificate and trim them off before gifting to your camper. 



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Printable camp certificates are the perfect gift
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