Something Woodward this way comes! How awesome would it be to rock your Woodward spirit this Halloween with your own custom Woodward carved pumpkin!? Now through October 31st, you have a chance to carve your own Woodward pumpkin and enter to win a Woodward prize pack.

Pumpkin carving Logo Template Pumpkin Carving W's Template
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How to carve your Woodward pumpkin and enter to win a Woodward prize pack:

**Have an adult help you with this activity, please don’t try to carve pumpkins on your own!**

1. Choose your template, download and print on a full-size sheet of paper

2. Remember to have an adult help with each step! Prepare your pumpkin by cutting a hole in the top and removing the seeds and pulp. Scooping out the seeds is kind of a dirty job, we recommend laying down some newspaper to contain the mess.

3. Attach the template to face of your pumpkin and poke along the dashed lines to create an outline.

4. Remove your paper template and carve along the outline. Be sure to pay special attention to the outlines to make sure you’re cutting properly. Remove the cutout sections to reveal your totally rad Woodward pumpkin!

5. Set your pumpkin up somewhere especially spooky. You can place a candle or light inside for the classic jack-o’-lantern look.

4. Share your finished carving with us and enter to win! Share your best photo of your carved creation on your Instagram account with the tags #WoodwardHalloween2019, @campwoodward and @woodwardwest no later than 12noon eastern time on Halloween. One winner will be chosen to receive a Woodward prize pack. Winners will be announced on Halloween, October 31st, 2019.




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Make a Woodward carved pumpkin this Halloween!
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