Animal Chin Ramp

Only at Woodward West can you skate this iconic piece of skateboarding history. In 1987, Powell Peralta released the skateboarding and pop-culture movie classic, The Search for Animal Chin. In it, the Bones Brigade—Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero, Tommy Guerrero, and Mike McGill—embarked on a journey to find Won Ton "Animal" Chin, a mythical skater who had gone missing. The film concluded with the Bones Brigade skating what became known as the Chin ramp—a vert spine outfitted with an escalator, extensions, channels, a mini ramp on one of its decks, and a hidden tunnel.

Camp Parent Positions

Want to come to camp with your child and earn discounted tuition for your camper?
From helping younger campers cope with their first experience away from home, to driving camp vehicles to and from Woodward, our Camp Parents play a crucial role in the Woodward Experience.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

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