Mini Cabins

For our younger "mini campers" ages 7 to 9 who need a little more assistance at camp, we have "mini cabins"! All mini cabins have a live-in camp parent who is there to help mini campers navigate the camp experience. From dealing with homesickness to helping with bedtime and wake-up schedules, our camp parents help our younger campers get the most out of camp. These live-in parents are volunteer parents of campers and undergo a thorough background check and training each summer.


The Canteen is home to Woodward West's very own bowling alley and snack bar. Get your pizza party on here!


Campers share air-conditioned cabins with other children their same gender and age group. Cabins will also be grouped by sport interest when possible. Each cabin is outfitted with bunk beds and individual storage spaces. Each bunk bed has a mattress, but campers will need to bring their own sheets, pillows, and sleeping bag. Most cabins have an adjacent bathroom. Every cabin has a live-in counselor who is 18 years of age or older to ensure camper supervision and safety.

Belly Union

The Belly Union provides plenty of healthy, well-balanced, tasty food prepared from fresh ingredients in a clean and professional environment. There is always a hot meal being served, which varies daily with our menu. During breakfast, there's a fresh fruit bar which doubles as a salad bar during lunch and dinner meal times. There are even vegetarian or Gluten Free options at every meal upon request. More than enough options to please the picky eater!

Town Hall

Woodward West just might be the best backdrop imaginable for your creative mind. Get immersed in our computer lab with the latest Adobe Creative Suite software, shoot green screen in the studio, or take your camera to shoot some of the best action sports athletes, VIPs and Olympians the world has to offer. With the beautiful California Mountains and sunsets as your backdrop, there's something to challenge and inspire every camper.

The Gym

The Gymnastics, and Cheer facilities at Woodward West are guaranteed to blow you away!

Our gigantic 24,400-sq.-ft. world-class gym features state-of-the-art training equipment to facilitate progress and personal growth. Featuring: 2 In-ground Tumble Traks, 5 In-ground Trampolines, 2 Full Floors, 5 Tumble Stations into Resi-Pits, 2 Tumble Stations into Loose Foam Pits, 124' long Rod Floor into both Resi and Foam Pits, 9 Loose-Foam Pits, 9 Resi Pits, 4 Full Bar Sets, 2 Single Bar Over Pit, 1 Bar Trench, 3 Vaulting Stations, 6 High Beams, 3 Low Beams. 

Parkour Facility

Come explore creativity through movement in Woodward West's new dedicated Parkour facility designed by the talent of Nate Wessel, Cory DeMeyers, Jesse LaFlair and Tempest Freerunning as well as the build team Kris Sherry, Craig Billingsley and Ryan Corrigan. Built with progression in mind, our parkour facility provides an environment to build body mechanic and spacial awareness skills. This place is a Parkour athlete’s paradise!

Dirt Jumps

From small tables to huge sets of doubles, The Trails offer endless possibilities for every level of riding. We have groomed The Trails to include faster berms and smoother jumps, and not a day goes by where we don't have an amazing session at sunset.

The Plaza

The Plaza at Woodward West contains infinite lines through all the ledges, rails, perfect banks, and the infamous roof gap.

The Junction

The Junction is a 17,000 sq.ft. concrete skatepark, designed by Nate Wessel and built by California Skateparks, where technical lines and powerful style meet at Woodward West, which is why park is our go to for skate contests throughout the year.