Poco Loco

Designed with progression in mind, the entirely skatelite Poco Loco is packed full of hips, banks, and quarterpipes for every level of skill. Poco Loco's endless flow and lines make it the perfect spot for the popular skateboard contest, Thuggin', every Friday!

The Crater

A concrete park with endless lines and infinite possibilities, the Crater blends quarter-pipes, banks, vert walls, a spine, a street spine, bowl corners, hips, rollers, ledges, and an over-vert bowl corner into one of the smoothest rides around.

Backyard Mini

The Backyard Mini Ramp at Woodward West is not your average mini ramp. With Hips, bowl corners, and a deck filled with goodies, this thing is a dream come true.

The Plaza

The Plaza at Woodward West contains infinite lines through all the ledges, rails, perfect banks, and the infamous roof gap.

Parkour Facility

Come explore creativity through movement in Woodward West's new dedicated Parkour facility designed by the talent of Nate Wessel, Cory DeMeyers, Jesse LaFlair and Tempest Freerunning as well as the build team Kris Sherry, Craig Billingsley and Ryan Corrigan. Built with progression in mind, our parkour facility provides an environment to build body mechanic and spacial awareness skills. This place is a Parkour athlete’s paradise!

The MTB Hill

Woodward West amazing MTB Hill has everything to offer from our original trail "W Line" which is full of fun jumps, turns and suites all levels of riding! to some of our creative runs that have multiple corners and unique features. Our Hill offers everything you want and need when it comes to riding mountain bikes!

The Trails

From small tables to huge sets of doubles, The Trails offer endless possibilities for every level of riding. We have groomed The Trails to include faster berms and smoother jumps, and not a day goes by where we don't have an amazing session at sunset.

The Junction

The Junction is a 17,000 sq.ft. concrete skatepark, designed by Nate Wessel and built by California Skateparks, where technical lines and powerful style meet at Woodward West, which is why park is our go to for skate contests throughout the year.

The Hangar

The Hangar at Woodward West is one of the largest indoor action sports-specific facilities in the country. This riders paradise contains deep bowls with a long spine between each bowl, a park area with endless lines, a street area with multiple features, and the 5' Mano-A-Mano mini-ramp.  In addition, campers have access to an Airbag and next to it, a box jump with a Resi landing, both connected with the same takeoff to create safe progression. 

The Art Park 

Animal Chin Street Area

This park surrounds the iconic Animal Chin Ramp. Designed by Nate Wessel and built by California Skateparks, the Animal Chin Street Area has the unique feel and flow of your local DIY spot. Make sure to check out a behind the scenes look at the construction of this park in Episode 2 of Build Woodward, Presented by Dickies.