The pool is always a great option after a long day of being active. Our certified lifeguards are always on deck to oversee the pool and plan fun games and activities. Our log roll is a big hit; competitions tend to ensue of whom can balance the longest- will it be YOU this summer?

Boomtown Activities

Take a break from a long day of riding by playing some games with other campers, our staff, or pros. You never know who may step in for a quick game, you may end up playing corn hole with Kelvin Hoefler yourself!


Serving up ten unique and fun-filled obstacles, it's impossible not to have the best time ever as you're competing with your friends to make it through. Progressive course options allow participants to choose their own route to match their ability level and improve with each run. Use skill, strength, creativity, and determination to complete the entire challenge.

GoPro Lab

Want to record your experience at Woodward West? Come rent a Go-Pro and be able to document the experience. Renting Go-Pros at Woodward West is free of charge to all campers, and they are able to take home an edit for parents to see how much fun they had this summer!


Campers share air-conditioned cabins with other children their same gender and age group. Cabins will also be grouped by sport interest when possible. Each cabin is outfitted with bunk beds and individual storage spaces. Each bunk bed has a mattress, but campers will need to bring their own sheets, pillows, and sleeping bag. Most cabins have an adjacent bathroom. Every cabin has a live-in counselor who is 18 years of age or older to ensure camper supervision and safety.

Town Hall

Woodward West just might be the best backdrop imaginable for your creative mind. Swing by and check out a GoPro for the day!

The Groove

The Groove is accented by a 24' by 50' Woodstep dance floor, by Stagestep, suitable for all styles of dance. The wall of mirrors opens up the space and reflects the urban art off the rear wall making the space feel like a canvas primed for creative expression through movement.

The Gym

The Gymnastics, and Cheer facilities at Woodward West are guaranteed to blow you away!

Our gigantic 24,400-sq.-ft. world-class gym features state-of-the-art training equipment to facilitate progress and personal growth. Featuring: 2 In-ground Tumble Traks, 5 In-ground Trampolines, 2 Full Floors, 5 Tumble Stations into Resi-Pits, 2 Tumble Stations into Loose Foam Pits, 124' long Rod Floor into both Resi and Foam Pits, 9 Loose-Foam Pits, 9 Resi Pits, 4 Full Bar Sets, 2 Single Bar Over Pit, 1 Bar Trench, 3 Vaulting Stations, 6 High Beams, 3 Low Beams. 

The Ninja Lab

The Ninja Lab is a 50' by 50' recreational space containing a rig complete with 6 ninja style obstacles to challenge upper body strength and endurance. The rig is accompanied by several modular ground obstacles, including an outdoor warped wall.