Moondoe's is Woodward's very own coffee shop and lounge. Wake up to an amazing coffee, cappuccino, frappuccino, fresh baked goods and even panini's. Enjoy the atmosphere and music of Moondoe's inside the lounge . Built in 2012, this space became an instant hot spot to hang out and relax at any time of the day.

Belly Union

The Belly Union provides plenty of healthy, well-balanced, tasty food prepared from fresh ingredients in a clean and professional environment. There is always a hot meal being served, which varies daily with our menu. During breakfast, there's a fresh fruit bar which doubles as a salad bar during lunch and dinner meal times. There are even vegetarian or Gluten Free options at every meal upon request. More than enough options to please the picky eater!


Medical Trainer Room

Woodward West has multiple medical facilities to ensure camper’s health and safety are accessible so they can focus on their camp activities. An athletic training room is located in the heart of the campgrounds with multiple Athletic Trainers to assist with minor injuries and camp battle wounds. The infirmary(or nurse’s station) is located near the camp office with multiple live-in registered nurses, to handle illness' and medication distribution including over-the-counter and prescription medications.

Rock Wall

Our supervised rock-wall has beginner to advanced lines where campers can race their friends to the top. Our rock-wall director tends to place prizes at the top as incentive for the campers!

Talent Show

One of the most anticipated activities at camp is Talent Show on Thursday Night. From skits to lip-syncing to gymnastic performances to joke telling to rock shows; the Talent Show is always a blast! The theater is filled with campers and staff supporting and cheering on each performance. Everyone is encouraged to show off his or her talent and join in on the fun, whether you are on stage or in the audience!

Camp Bonfire

Ready for S'MORE fun at Woodward West? Every Monday night at camp there's a bonfire with the makings for s'mores. Our recreation directors oversee the activity and the music director brings a few instruments to the bonfire to create the perfect campfire evening.

Music Facility

The Woodward West Music Program has its own space in the Theatre where we have guitars, bass, drums, keyboard, and mics. Our music director can help you learn a new instrument, brush up your current musical skills, record a song, or even help you form a band for the Thursday night Talent Show. Throughout the week, you may find the instruments set up around camp- at the Monday bonfire, on top of the Vert ramp, or even hosting an impromptu open-mic at Moondoes.

Bowling Alley

With 8 shiny lanes located inside the Canteen, the Woodward West bowling alley is a popular place to hang out with your new camp friends. The alley is stocked with bowling shoes and balls for all ages. Whether you are keeping score or just having fun for a few frames, the bowling alley is a great, fun place for everyone.