Meet skateboarding twins Indy and Nico Jones from Encinitas, CA. With the influence of a dad who was immersed in the skate culture of the 80s and 90s, these two possess a love and knowledge of the sport that reaches well beyond their years.

Girls Rule at Woodward West

We know that girls rule every week but we wanted to really highlight all the girls that pick up their helmets and send it this summer! 

For Girls Rule week we encourage top female professional athletes and staff to come and stoke the passion in our campers and create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Don't worry, your brothers and guy friends can come this week also to participate in all the fun and special events that go on! 

Winter Camp 2019 Recap


Winter Camp was so fun!

Check out this sweet glance of all the festivities!

Our usual sunny Southern California weather surprised us with snow! It was such a blast to get creative with our frosty atmosphere or take a break in the crisp air on the best seat in camp!

print at home gift ticket to camp


Need the perfect last-minute gift? We've created the Woodward TICKET TO CAMP printable certificate that can be inserted into any gift or card to let your child know "you're going to Woodward!"

How to get your printable TICKET TO WOODWARD certificate: 

STEP 1 - Complete your summer camp registration and place your $199 minimum deposit. CLICK HERE to choose your camp. 

Gym School at Woodward West 2020!


Engage in an exhilarating and rewarding alternative to traditional fitness routines. Participants will have an opportunity to learn a multitude of ways to express themselves through creative movement. All activities will center around safe progressions to help improve strength, agility, flexibility, stability, and kinesthetic awareness. 

Woodward Gift Box

Are you sending your child to Woodward this summer? The Woodward Gift Box is the perfect way to give the gift of summer camp this holiday season. 

Scooter Camp 2019 Recap

Scooter Camp was a blast!! 

Check out what went down!


Camper of the week awards

A HUGE shoutout to everyone that was awarded the Camper of the Week, Power Through or Outstanding Camper Award!
Photo by: Mason Glennan

Mini Cabins

For our younger "mini campers" ages 7 to 9 who need a little more assistance at camp, we have "mini cabins"! All mini cabins have a live-in camp parent who is there to help mini campers navigate the camp experience. From dealing with homesickness to helping with bedtime and wake-up schedules, our camp parents help our younger campers get the most out of camp. These live-in parents are volunteer parents of campers and undergo a thorough background check and training each summer.

The Grill

The Grill is available every day with breakfast burritos for breakfast and hotdogs, hamburgers, and veggie burgers for lunch and dinner.


The Canteen is home to Woodward West's very own bowling alley and snack bar. Get your pizza party on here!